Welcome to Snohomish County Sasquatch!

Hello and welcome to Snohomish County Sasquatch. We at SCS are a dedicated group of people who believe not only that Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) exists, but actually thrives within Snohomish County. All of us have had direct encounters with these beings at locations around the county, and want to provide you with a venue to report and discuss encounters you have had. We believe that through open and honest sharing of such encounters we will come to better understand what they need, how to communicate, and what protections we can provide.

We wish to create a database of sightings exclusive to Snohomish County Washington. Why Snohomish County? Because we live here, and we would like to provide evidence that Sasquatch live here in our own back yard!

If you wish to report a sighting click here or go to the side and click the "Report your Encounter" tab. Follow the instructions and we will respond to you as soon as possible. "We are ready to believe you" as Bill Murray's character in GhostBusters says.

If you wish to remain anonymous just let us know. We hope to create an environment that is comfortable for anyone who has seen this impressive creature.

If you would like to check out the database as it stands today click Here. Or you can go to the side bar and click the "What is a Sasquatch?" tab and click the "Report Database" link and you will be taken to the Database.

~Roland Shaw - Field Agent and Webmaster. Believer for over 10 years.

For further reading on who we are click here, on the Who Are We tab on the left.
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Snohomish County Sasquatch established 2014